Growing, Organically.

The Harvest of Unconventional Thinking

Pushing for more natural and organic products requires thinking beyond the conventional farming approach. More importantly, it takes a commitment of time to enact sustainable practices every single day. We feel that this commitment—tough as it might be—produces amazing fruit well worth the effort.

Our best practices promote biodiversity, healthy soil and alternatives to avoid chemical applications.

We provide organic nutrition using compost, fish emulsion, limestone and other natural materials to strengthen the plants and the soil. When you have a healthy and natural growing environment, beneficial insects and natural predators are an effective way of controlling crop damaging pests.

Benefits of Organic

  • Organic farming protects water quality and improves soil water retention
  • The specialized cover crops that we plant create a balanced ecosystem. They allow us to naturally bring nutrients into the soil without the use of conventional fertilizers—and they provide a habitat for beneficial insects.
  • Use of beneficial predatory insects to combat crop pests rather than using dangerous pesticides.
  • All of our products are non-GMO.
  • We don’t employ post-harvest fungicides or preservatives to extend the shelf life of our products, but rather focus on delivering the freshest fruit possible to our customers every day.
  • Certified by third party auditors of CCOF, and we’re constantly experimenting with new varieties and new ways of growing the best tasting and naturally healthy produce

Safety & Sustainability

Food Safety | Good Agricultural Practices | Worker health and safety | Stewards of the land

One of our main objectives is to grow safely and sustainably. In doing so we consider the safety and health of not only our fruit, but our employees and land as well.