Our Family

Schellenberg Farms was established in 1981 by Rick Schellenberg and his wife Michelle and is located in Reedley – a small town in California’s fertile San Joaquin Valley. This family owned and operated farm grows specialty grapes and mandarins.

What began as a traditional farm originally producing fine peaches, plums, nectarines and grapes has evolved into a more focused organic and specialty produce farm. Rick has always felt the desire to explore and expand their core produce base in new and innovative ways

A family raised right here on the farm has produced a special harvest of its own. An extended family who care deeply for the produce that ends up on the table as well as caring for the land that produces it. Values instilled by both Rick and Michelle are evident in everyone on the farm including their son Dieter who will see to carrying on this tradition to the next generation

Mass Production tends to turn the art of fruit growing into a commodity driven process. This mass production is not the vision for Schellenberg Farms. Rick had other ideas about producing the best tasting produce anywhere, and it started organically. This would forever change the course of the farm.